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Some men seem not to be cool with the size of their penis for several differing reasons and there is a way around it. There are different options available from which you can choose from for penis enlargement. Penis enlargement is simply the process of increasing the size of your penis by some inches. This can be done with drugs, pumps, surgery and others. The penis advantage guide is different from these other techniques in that it is purely natural and does not predispose you to any harmful risks. The Penis Advantage eBook is not expensive and very effective. The Penis Advantage PDF guide can be used in the comfort of your home; you need not travel anywhere. In fact, you determine your own schedule and routine time. It has been observed that some men actually have underdeveloped penis and whether this is the case or not, your penis has great potentials of growth under appropriate conditions. The Penis Advantage eBook is the perfect guide you need to naturally take you on the journey of enlarging your penis permanently.




The Penis Advantage guide is a product of the company this is a company that specializes in products used by men. The Penis Advantage PDF guide is the most popular penis enlargement method around. The Penis Advantage eBook was made in 2001 and they have so many proven positive testimonials. The Penis Advantage PDF guide has stood the test of time as a quality product and has earned the trust of many men.

Penis Advantage guide is an enlargement of penis program based on using natural methods to increase the size of penis to 1-4 inches. You do not need any equipment to carry out the natural exercises to enlarge your penis; the major equipment you need is right in your body- your very hands. The Penis Advantage PDF guide has different plans for you depending on your specific needs. Penis Advantage eBook can be used for enlargement of penis, handling premature ejaculation and.


In the Penis Advantage PDF guide, you will learn how to effectively increase the flow of blood to your penis since, erection and the size of penis is determined by how much blood is going and staying there. You will know natural exercises you can do, how to do them, how many of them you have to do, the length of time to practice them and how often you can do them. That sounds like a whole lot to do but the Penis Advantage guide is a simple program void of stress. You are your own trainer and you determine your progress yourself.

Penis Advantage PDF guide also contains natural methods to increase the size of your penis, get rid of premature ejaculation and improves stamina. You get to discover bigger penis exercises and other massive male secrets. All these will make you have increased sexual pleasure as you satisfy your partner. In the Penis Advantage eBook, there are different levels of the program namely



This introduces you to the penis enlargement routines and you are able to get acquainted with the basics and vital information before your first routine. This is very important to ensure your safety. Topics in the beginners’ section are dry and wet milking, lubricants, introduction to jelqing, stretching exercises, safety precautions, warming up, warming down, how to monitor your increase in size, how to measure your penis and lots more.penis advantage

Workout section

This contains the real exercise routines and you will learn workouts for beginners, standard workout, custom workouts, speed combination and other techniques. This also includes methods to correct premature ejaculation (a 14day program) and exercises targeted to cure impotence and improve your erectile strength.

Advanced specific exercises

These usually focus on certain parts of the penis per time and it will cover the entire penis eventually for optimum result. Some examples of the advanced specific exercises are super wet and dry jelq, correcting curved penis, length stretcher, erection builder and others.

You need to know that all these routines will take time and you should not be discouraged when you do not see quick results.

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Penis enlargement procedures are set to achieve increase in erectile strength and or increase in the len.gth and diameter of the penis. Penis enlargement cannot be discussed without mentioning Jelqing. Jelqing is also called “milking” and it is a massage procedure for the penis using your hands. Jelqing is very safe and the effect is permanent. Examples of lubricants you can use for jelqing are Vaseline, baby oil, baby oil gel, coconut oil, bio oil, canola oil and cocoa butter oil. The reason for using lubricants is to take proper care of the tender skin of the penis to avoid irritation and inflammation.


Types of Jelqing

  1. Dry method: this is when you stroke your penis without applying any lubricant or doing warming up prior to the exercise. It is not messy and can be continued for a prolonged time unlike in wet jelqing where you have to stop when you are stimulated to the point of ejaculation. The demerit of this method is that the donut side effect occur in the practice of dry jelqing.
  2. Wet method: this method uses lubricants and optimal result is more guaranteed with less risks

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Jelqing procedure

Jelqing techniques are showing you how to do jeqing; it is simple and easy to follow but utmost care should be taken to avoid injury to the delicate vessels of the penis. Over and under training of the penis should be avoided especially because the effect is permanent.  Jeqing procedures are as follows

  1. You warm up your penis with a warm shower or warm towel som minutes before to loosen the penis
  2. You must apply lubricant on your penis
  3. Stroke your penis slightly to achieve mild erection
  4. You can use your thumb and index finger or your thumb and the middle finger to hold the penis in good position
  5. You should start from the base to the top for overall effect on the penis
  6. Do not jelq the top of your penis. Just stop at the tip of the glans
  7. Move up and down slightly with moderate pressure and alternate using both hands
  8. Gradually increase your stroking time and intensity
  9. Repeat this severally and rest. After the rest, you can do it again
  10. You should stop if you notice any pain or discomfort

Merits of Jelqing

  1. It is a natural method
  2. It is easy to practice
  3. It is a reliable method of enlarging penis
  4. It is very safe
  5. You do not need special equipment
  6. Jelqing helps to build your tolerance which helps you to keep your ejaculation during sex longer so that your partner and yourself can reach orgasm at about the same time since women take longer time to reach climax
  7. It aids better flow of blood to your penis
  8. It make you have full erection

Demerits of Jelqing

  1. It takes some time to observe changes
  2. Starters need more intense exercise and consistency to notice results
  3. You should stop your training when you notice arousal


Side effects of Jelqing

  1. The Baseball effect– this is when the biggest part of your penis is the head. You should jelq the entire penis and stop immediately before the head.
  2. The Donut effect– this is when fluid accumulates towards the glans in a ring like form. You should not fret, just stop, relax and the swelling will go down with time.
  3. Discoloration (red spots)- this is the commonest side effect with the appearance of red spots on the penis. This is usually a sign you did not do your warming up well; this affected the blood vessels. It will go away within 24-48 hours. You should do your warm up well always.

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There are a number of positive things you will gain from the Penis Advantage PDF guide, they are

  • Penis Advantage eBook is absolutely natural in all its techniques
  • Penis Advantage guide has an unbeatable track record of success
  • The penis enlargement is permanent. You do not have to be afraid of losing it later
  • You do not have to use drugs or supplements while using the Penis Advantage eBook
  • It helps you to have quicker and longer erections
  • The length and diameter of your penis will be increased
  • Bulk will be added to your penis which gives it a sexy appearance
  • Blood flow to your penis is increased through the exercises
  • It can potentially help you reduce the risk of getting impotence
  • Penis Advantage PDF guide has the potential to protect you from prostate cancer
  • Your mind becomes more alert as a result of the training exercises and you are quick to respond to sexual stimuli
  • Your control over ejaculation is improved and it comes out at the perfect time
  • You can learn from other men using the Penis Advantage PDF guide and your questions will receive prompt answer from the owners of the
  • You have direct access to the material online
  • The Penis Advantage PDF guide is based on scientific theories and not some weird assumptions
  • The Penis Advantage guide is safe for your use
  • The Penis Advantage eBook improves your overall sexual health
  • The Penis Advantage eBook is unique and the routines are not strict; you plan your schedule yourself
  • You will regain your self confidence
  • The Penis Advantage PDF guide offers an 8-week money back guarantee
  • The Penis Advantage eBook provides solution to the problem of curved penis
  • The Penis Advantage PDF is very easy to read and comprehensive
  • To practice the Penis Advantage eBook, you only need your hand and a good lubricant.


  • The design of the website is old and this can raise doubts in some potentials customers
  • You really need to be patient to see tangible results
  • Illustrations in the form of pictures and videos are not provided



It has come to the notice of the PenisAdvantage. Com that some people can illegally have access to the Penis Advantage eBook, therefore this 8-week money back guarantee is only for those that but directly from the company. Your money will be refunded to you after 8 weeks if you have any reservations.


The price of the Penis Advantage guide is $49.95 with three bonuses where you will learn three wonderful secrets. The bonus package is not forever; it is for a limited period.



The Penis Advantage PDF guide has helped thousands of men since 2001. Amazing results have been noticed from 2 weeks and above compared to some other acclaimed plans that did not produce result in 6 months. There has also been tremendous increase in size with improved erections. Customers have also been encouraged to set further personal sexual goals for themselves taking a cue from the credibility of the Penis Advantage eBook. The success rate is skyscraping with 98.58%. The Penis Advantage has made many men happier than they were before; they now have a greater boost in confidence and image. Men have held their partners spellbound with their ability to make them reach orgasm with increasing dimension at each sexual intercourse.

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