Premature Ejaculation: Understanding Possible causes & Treatment Options

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Understanding Premature Ejaculation: Causes and Possible Treatment Plans


Sex is a very pleasurable act that if given the opportunity, men will chose to continue having as many hours of sex as possible. But here comes the monster, the devil called premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation or climaxing is actually one of the significant issue males encounters today when it comes to sex compared to countless various other sexual problems like impotence( ED) and decrease libido or sex drive.

Premature ejaculation is so rampant that 3 out of every 5 guys experience it. And it attacks guys of all age.


Facts about premature ejaculation

Before going further on this article about premature ejaculation, we need to bear in mind these vital factors concerning early ejaculation.

  • The concept of premature ejaculation is an evolving discipline, and very much is yet to be learn. How rampant it is or the factors responsible, as well as the best way to treat premature ejaculation
  • Treatments must be examined by the doctor to see if it worth it, and also potential advantages need to exceed the possible risks.

Negative Influence of Premature Ejaculation

The blow that premature ejaculation deals on a man’s sexual life is not a small issue. It not only affect him, but also affects his relationship as his ability to satisfy his wife is/partner is affected. This sexual condition has several adverse repercussions in a man’s sexual life. It could lead to:

  • Less sexual intercourse
  • Anxiety concerning having sexual intercourse
  • Less sexual satisfaction
  • Reduced self-worth
  • Inability to satisfy your partner
  • Tendency of cheating on the part of the partner
  • Distress or less sexually satisfied partner
  • Relationship trouble

premature ejaculation

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On the other hand, premature/early ejaculation does not in any way impact the guy’s sexual desire, or lowers his ability to end up being excited. In other words, it is by no means related to erectile dysfunction.

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation: Possible Solutions

If you have or do experience premature ejaculation, that is not the end of your sexual life. Fortunately, guys that endure premature ejaculation have lots of options that can help them manage and eventually get rid of the condition. This premature ejaculation article will attempt to note the most common ones that succeed in aiding men overcome premature ejaculation.

Let us start with the most natural one and move along to utilizing medications, lotions as well as sprays.


Decrease or Eliminate Anxiety

One of the best approach to lower or perhaps remove stress and anxiety is through relaxation. Understanding ways to cool down, relaxing both body and mind could lower the degree of anxiety.

Generally, premature ejaculation is largely linked with men who do not have sex frequently. So this leads to a feeling of excitement and also easy arousal. This feeling of anxiety can be come into play throughout the sex period, even males that have frequent sex could still experience such sensation as well.

For males who find it a little difficult to control their arousal, doing relaxation regularly could be of great help. Furthermore, hypnotherapy as well as visualization exercises are both helpful, too. Picture yourself taken part in a sexual imagery inside the bedroom.

Envision both your actions and also communications while relaxing the entire mind and body. Anyone can do this, but it is not easy to begin if one is not accustomed using these techniques. In that matter, seeking an expert aid will be of help.

Additionally, being open to your partner could be a great source of relief as well. Try as much as possible to be open with your partner, thus letting her in on your condition could also be a way to calm down in a  sexual atmosphere. Most women understands the issue, and are actually willing to assist you along in getting over early ejaculation issue. The majority of guys who have such concern opt to maintain it on their own which could cause anxiety.

Other reasons for sexual anxiousness for men are body image, penis dimension, relationship issues and various other known stressors such as monetary, job, health and also household concerns. Overtime, all these can build up and also could cause a greater stress and anxiety in the room that commonly take place automatically.

Due to this, endeavor to practice relaxation and also be free to discuss this with your partner. Getting a vacation away from your usual help could be of help as well

Launching Pelvic Muscle Tensions

During the period when there is an great feeling of arousal, muscular tension can be really felt within the pelvic flooring muscular tissues. Most people however are ignorant of how to release such tension. Stress in pelvic muscular tissues can actually get out of your control when ejaculation is imminent. But orgasm, unknown to many is about contraction of the muscle mass and also releasing the stress.

premature ejaculation

Thus in a bid to cure premature ejaculation, you should try and learn how to gain control of your Pelvic Mucscle. In order to have complete control of the pelvic muscular tissue tensions, activities such as yoga, relaxation to minimize tension as well as stress and anxiety, stretching exercises as well as any other exercise that could help in reducing tension in the stomach as well as pelvic areas are all worth doing. Additionally, you could get a full body massage, it helps a lot.

In addition, Kegel workout could assist in releasing the stress in the pelvic area in addition to make the Pubococcygeus Muscles solid.

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Try and Perform Helpful Penis Exercises

Please note that I said helpful exercise. There are lots of ridiculous penis exercises flying around the internet today. However, there are penis exercises that are very helpful in desensitizing the penis like JELQING as well as EDGING.

Jelqing is not only proven reliable penis enlargement exercise program, but it also a terrific methods of curing premature ejaculation. The milking movement employed in Jelqing can be helpful in making the penis much less sensitive to getting quick climaxes.

The Edging Technique, however, is an effective way of training one’s mind and body to be able to conquer the intense urge to ejaculate. Edging is a sophisticated self pleasure technique, as well as could be both utilize as a means of getting over premature ejaculation and taking pleasure in maximum enjoyment of self pleasure.


Utilizing The Start-Stop Approach

This approach has actually been examined to accomplishing full control of ejaculation as well as boosting sex-related performance at the very same time. The start-stop approach is a penis workout and stimulation without having real sex sexual intercourse. It is training to locating the point of no return or the extreme sensation just before ejaculation.

When the point of no return is gotten to, the masturbation process is paused, thus allowing the body to cool down in order to delay climaxing. At this moment, the majority of males will certainly squeeze the PC muscle mass in order not to climax.

The use of stop and start method is about training both the mind and body to delay climaxing when the beginning of orgasm takes place. The main goal of this technique is to extend the peak phase of the sex feedback period putting a long interval in between excitation and also orgasm phases.

Most males are unable to achieve complete control during the first time of trying out this approach. Most people usually make mastery of this technique after about a month of practice. A lot of the time, it offers gradual, yet long-term outcomes.

premature ejaculation

Go For less Stimulating Sex Position at First

Sex position also has a long way to go in determining the time of climaxing.  The position chosen can extremely impact premature ejaculation. There are sexual positions that are incredibly popular yet provide intense feeling of orgasm.

The missionary sex position (man-on-top) is widely preferred but is one of the leading positions that causes premature ejaculation. The missionary placement permits men to possess an enhanced muscle tension as it sustains the whole weight of the body as well as core strength.

Sexual Positions That Will Assist Achieve Better Climaxing Control

  • Female-on-top or women premium
  • Side-to-side commonly called spooning.
  • Rear access or doggy

Commencing with any of the above three position will go a long way in helping you delay ejaculating. Transforming to the missionary position when ready to ejaculate is also advised..




The number of men affected by premature ejaculation is countless. Some encounter it only periodically, such as during times of stress or relationship troubles, while others find out that they are forever victims of premature ejaculation.

Many people do not understand exactly how common premature climaxing is. Neither do they recognize why premature climaxing takes place. And the fact is that the medicine isn’t TOTALLY sure as well, yet they do understand of a number of factors which can contribute to the condition. However, each guy’s mind and body differs, and is special, so decoding just what is triggering PE requires physicians to meticulously analyze the victim individually!

Below are some of the most common factors that could cause premature ejaculation:.


 Early experiences with masturbation Quiet a number of men got matured in houses where sexuality wasn’t really a preferred topic of discussion. Or even worse, maybe they matured in houses where sex was viewed as filthy as well as outrageous. They could have also been scared or shamed far from touching themselves as children, and also for this reason when they later hit adolescence and had sensations of need and also stimulation, they were possibly really scared and baffled. They might have try out self-stimulation but done so in a hurried, unbalanced manner because of the fear of being captured or simply because they didn’t even intend to think about exactly what they were doing.

As the years go by, it’s very easy to see just how all of this can affect a male’s sexual life. Also as an adult, he may have a hard time reversing all those years he spent self servicing. He learned the best ways to accelerate his sexual activities as quick as feasible in those early years, and that can be hard to reverse also years later on.

Just by discussing this issues with your partner or even talking about them with a therapist can go a lengthy means in helping those unconsciously learned practices..

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Physical issues.

There is likewise a physical side to Premature Ejaculation as well. For several years, medical professionals believed that premature climaxing was all psychological, but now we understand it in a different way. There are numerous physical factors which can disrupt a male’s sex-related response. These consist of some hormones, thyroid conditions, as well as inflammation or infection of the urethra or prostate.

In fact quiet a lot of doctors believe that there is even a hereditary side to premature ejaculation, so it could be something totally pertaining to the genetic condition that men just acquire. Scientists think that numerous men have hypersensitivity of the penis – that the nerves in the penis are particularly too conscious of sexual stimulation. You must talk to your medical professional about your sexual symptoms, along with other issues you could be experiencing. Discuss any feasible aspects that is important as well, such as a new medication you recently started taking and even a medicine you recently stopped taking. Ruling out physical reasons as well as having your hormones as well as your thyroid tested could be a good first step in seeking how to cure premature ejaculation.

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Relationship Problems as Well.

Whether your relationship with your companion is off-track or you are experiencing major tension at work or in the house, your sex life could be negatively affected as well. If your Premature Ejaculation is just occurring and it seems to have started around a time of tension or stress in your relationship, this could definitely be the reason for it.


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